Saturday, March 7, 2015

AWS Autoscaling with F5 Big IP dynamic node add/remove

In continuation of the F5 series (setup F5 BIG-IP HA on AWS EC2, setup a Virtual Server), I am going to share my experience with using AWS Autoscaling with F5 Big-IP.

AWS EC2 has an awesome feature called AutoScaling which one can use to maintain a pool of servers at a desired size or scale the cluster up or down based on CPU utilization, network IO, etc. This gives us the ability to size our cluster according to the traffic resulting in optimal utilization of resources and cost saving.

The tricky part here is to add/remove nodes on F5 as the nodes get added/removed. Since F5 needs to know about the new nodes added removed, we need to integrate AWS Autoscaling with F5.

I used F5 REST API to achieve the same. AWS Autoscaling transmits events about the scaling activities through SNS. All we need to do is listen :)

I have created a micro service which listens for such events and does the needful on F5. I have published my implementation here  .

Please feel free to use it. A simple thank you would suffice if you find it useful and it saves some time for you :) .


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